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Inamon - The only true self-service insurance solution

Javision brings you Inamon, a full function insurance system that is specifically designed to support your online business, and which provides you and your customers with an unparalleled set of features and benefits.

Inamon delivers enterprise level functionality, as well as its unique self-service capabilities, across the full general insurance product range. It also enables price competitiveness by facilitating radical risk pricing innovation and reduced operational costs.

More information about Inamon is available under Solutions, and should you wish see a demonstration of Inamon, or talk to us about the inner workings, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Inamon - The game changing insurance solution

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Shareholder value:

  • Inamon enables cost savings by reducing the need for large call centres, training, print and fulfilment etc.
  • Inamon enables easy overview and access to a portfolio of policies which creates stickiness as seen with internet banking, and thus improves retention, upsell and cross sell.
  • Inamon gives a competitive advantage as it enables pricing innovation with high granularity price differentiation as more precise targeting can be easily adjusted when circumstances change.
  • Inamon's architecture enables business agility with easy development and maintenance of products thus reducing development inertia.

End customer value:

  • Lower insurance prices as a result of lower cost for the insurance company.
  • Lower insurance prices as a result of more price differentiation.
  • Better service options with self-service which many customers demand as seen with internet banking.
  • 24/7 access to manage policies and view current and past cover, thus at times suitable to individual customers.
  • One central repository of all policy documents as well as immediate email delivery.





Functionality highlights:

  • Inamon offer full insurance functionality including client management, quotation, policy, claims, reinsurance, billing, accounts, general ledger interface, user management etc.
  • Inamon is client centric, offering the insurance company as well as the customer easy overview and management.
  • The customer facing web presentation layer will match the corporate image and it offers the ability to let the flow of the pages follow the nature of the individual product.
  • Inamon can be deployed in a cloud environment with ultimate flexibility and scalability.
  • The self-service functionality lends itself well to mobile application for policy amendments, cover details etc.