Our History

Javision is a specialist in the insurance sector, and started offering consultancy services around the insurance application TIA, when it was founded in 1993. It was then, and is still today, based on a unique knowledge about, and insight into, the IT requirements of the general insurance industry.

Much has happened with the insurance industry since we started, most of all caused by the revolution of the Internet. The team behind Inamon realised that the requirements of the internet were not well served by the insurance applications available in the market, probably because they were all designed well before most of us took any notice of the internet, or rather, really knew what it was.

The insurance companies that saw the potential of the internet wanted to sell online, and it meant that they had to build, sometimes very complex, frontends to their existing legacy systems. Via these frontends they can offer quotation and new business, but although they also want to offer transactions like policy amendments and renewals, they really struggle to implement it, and many have given up completely. That is when they call email for "online amendments".

Today we offer Inamon, the integrated insurance solution that allows seamless Online New Business, Mid Term Amendments and Renewals Processing, as well as other customer self-service facilities. It is the "internet banking" for the insurance customers.